Conditions for complementary consulting session with Vietnam Street

Thank you for taking the time to review our conditions for providing a complementary consulting session. Should you agree to undertake a complementary consulting session with us you do so in agreement of the following.

  1. We do not reschedule free consulting sessions. If you can’t attend the free consulting session at the agreed time we can arrange another time, however, you will need to pay the standard hourly rate for that rescheduled appointment
  2. Once we have concluded the complementary consulting session and have provided you with consulting advice we: a) will regard you or the business you represent as a client of Vietnam Street, and b) may publicly list you or your organisation as a client on our website or within our promotional material
  3. Should the complementary consulting session go over the allocated duration we reserve the right to invoice you for the extra time at our standard hourly consulting rate.

If you have any concerns about the above conditions please contact us.